Fulton Market was formerly a meat-packing, warehouse and industrial district, but has gentrified with hotels, bars, restaurants and retail. It is also home to The Showmen's League of America since 2010. 

The neighborhood is adorned by many colorful murals that enliven the area and give character to our little slice of the world.  As showpeople, we thought it was fitting to add our color to the neighborhood and show everyone who walks by who we are.

Since the SLA is a nationwide organization made up of many members, we came up with this window display that encapsulates us in a fun and unique way.  Thank you to all who supported this wonderful project.



Researching Family or
Industry History?

Due to the fire of 2001 many of the League’s records were lost. We highly recommend searching old Billboard magazines at Google Books. Clicking on the 'Advanced Book Search' button will allow you to tailor your search to a specific time period.

 For more research tips and suggestions, see 'Chapters & Links'

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