2019 Calendar Nominations

  • 03/23/2018
  • 04/30/2018


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The Godfather? Blazing Saddles? The Big Lebowski? Pick your favorite movie, grab a few friends and nominate yourselves to be in the calendar this year. It's your turn to be silly, act crazy, and give us the best photo of you (or your friends) as you represent your favorite movie.

The Showmen's League is producing a 2019 calendar, but there's a catch.....you have to  nominate someone (or yourself) to be in it and the 12 people with the most votes determines the year.

Here's how it works:

1. Nominate someone (or yourself) to be in the calendar by submitting $10.  (Nominees have the ability to opt out for $10)  Nominations are unlimited, that is to say that one individual can be nominated more than once, the opt out fee still remains the same, $10. We will take nominations until May 1.

2. Once we close the nominating period, we will start the voting period.   Votes will cost $1 each and the top 12 vote getters will be featured in the calendar. 

3.  Once voting closes, the finalists will pick the month they want.  The picking order will be determined by number of votes received.

Calendars will be available to purchase starting in November during the tradeshow. 

Sounds easy, right? Let's start nominating!



Researching Family or
Industry History?

Due to the fire of 2001 many of the League’s records were lost. We highly recommend searching old Billboard magazines at Google Books. Clicking on the 'Advanced Book Search' button will allow you to tailor your search to a specific time period.

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