Board of Governors


President:   Robert Thorson

1st VP:     Patrick Jamieson

2nd VP:    Marc Janas

3rd VP: Robert Johnson

Counsel: Boyd Jensen

Secretary: Cindy Henning

Treasurer: John W. Hanschen


2021 Mary Chris Smith 2015 Paul Kasin
2020 Andy Schoendienst 2014 Dale Merriam
2019 Guy Leavitt 2013 Chris Atkins
2018 Debbie Powers 2012 Sam Johnston
2016 Ron Porter 2011 Donnie Massie III

2021 Board of Governors

Term Expires:

Term Expires:
Bessette, Timothy 2022   Johnson, Mary 2021
Burback, Beverly 2022   Kasin, Peter 2021
Corl, Dean 2022   Magill, Sean 2022
Cummings, Lisa 2021   Moyers, Larry 2022
Dallman, Brad 2022   Noerper, Theresa 2021
Deggeller, Andy 2022   Pegg, Steve 2022
Grillion, Patty 2021   Petree, Brandon 2022
Guthrie, Becky  2022   Pickett, Ben 2022
Haney, Rick 2021   Poole, Audrey 2021
Hanschen, Andrew 2021   Pope, Sara Ann 2022
Hauser, Wendy 2021   Repp, Pat 2021
Huston, Blake 2021   Schoendienst, Lorelei 2021
Jamieson, Barry 2021   Sheridan, Patrick 2021
Janousek, Nate 2021   Swartz, Holly 2022
Jaros, Dave 2021   Tobias, George 2022



Researching Family or
Industry History?

Due to the fire of 2001 many of the League’s records were lost. We highly recommend searching old Billboard magazines at Google Books. Clicking on the 'Advanced Book Search' button will allow you to tailor your search to a specific time period.

 For more research tips and suggestions, see 'Chapters & Links'

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